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PLR Product #1 - Residual Income Success Secrets

Finally! Revealed At Last How You Can Easily Rake In (At Least) $25,000 In Residual Income Every Single Month With Network Marketing Using These Jealously-Guarded Secret Formula And Proven Success Strategies

PLR Product #2 - Profit From PLR

Discover How to Truly Profit From Private Label Rights Products By Learning How to Create Your Own PLR Products in SIX Easy to Follow Steps!

PLR Product #3 - Relationship Marketing With Emails

Discover How to Build Stronger Bonds, Instill Stronger Credibility and Increase Your Opt-In List Response With Relative Ease By Building Strong Relationships!

PLR Product #4 - $1,000,000 Copywriting Secrets

Get Ready To Discover Killer Copywriting Secrets To Supercharge Your Marketing And Multiply Your Profits In a Flash, Guaranteed!

PLR Product #5 - The Beginner's Guide to Membership Sites

Discover How to Quickly Start Your Own Membership Site, And Take Advantage of The Recurring Income That Truly Leads to Wealth!

PLR Product #6 - Internet Marketing Basics for Newbies

Find Out What it Really Takes for a Newbie to Break Into the Internet Marketing World and Get Over the Hurdles That Get in the Way of So Many People!

PLR Product #7 - Blogging Cash Course

  • How Blogging will help your business

  • Why Blogging is so popular

  • Niche Blogs and how to get the most out of them

  • Benefits of a Wordpress Blog

  • AdSense and Blogging

  • Ad Placement - how and where to place your ads on your Blog

  • Getting Traffic to Your Blog

PLR Product #8 - Quick and Easy Guide to Article Marketing

Do You Want to Learn How to Maximize Your Online Business Profits and Exposure Through The Expert Use of Article Marketing?

PLR Product #9 - Affiliate Marketing Revealed

90% Of All Affiliate Marketers Will Never  Make More Than A Few Bucks A Month... Do YOU  Know How To Be Part Of The Successful 10%?

PLR Product #10 - How to Generate Emergency Cash From the Internet

What Do You Do When Your Back Is Against The Wall - And You Need Emergency Cash NOW?

... Here's The Solution Offered by Legendary 12-Year Internet Marketing Mentor Willie Crawford To His Students

PLR Product #11 - 5 Steps to a Profitable Blog

Discover the 5 step process to easily generate cash quickly in any niche, and easily get free traffic from Google and others to allow you to dominate your niche easily with a simple blog!


PLR Product #12 - I Hate PHP

At Long Last, Heres A PHP Guide Anyone Can Learn From, and Help Reduce Outsourcing Costs!

Do you suffer with PHP headaches?  If you do, then don't worry, you're not the only one!  Read on to learn how this guide can quickly turn into a PHP painkiller!

PLR Product #13 - Color Tips in Marketing

Unleash The Hidden Potentials And Avoid Pitfalls That Will Cause You To Lose Thousands Silently, By Understanding The Effects Of Colors In Sales And Marketing!

PLR Product #14 - Back End Sales

Discover How I Increased My Only Profits 10 Fold In Just 15 Days By Discovering The *Whole* Truth About Backend Sales, and How You Can Implement These Same Strategies in Now Time!

PLR Product #15 - Forex Trading Secrets

Are You Ready to Discover the Secrets Behind Becoming a Successful FOREX Trader That Can Completely Change Your Life?

PLR Product #16 - 21st Century Net Marketer

  • How to design your website to that you attract the customers you want.

  • How to reach your customers through e-mail marketing.

  • Why co-branding is important.

  • How to choose online partners that are right for you.

  • How to create customized content for you website so that your customers visit frequently.

  • How to establish yourself as an expert in your specific industry.

PLR Product #17 - Search Engine Manifesto

  • Search Engines and How They Work

  • Choosing a SEO Company

  • Selecting Search Engine Keywords

  • Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking

  • Building Your Link Popularity

  • Protecting Your Search Engine Rankings

  • Top Search Engines

  • Resource Guide and Bonuses

PLR Product #18 - Online Traffic Generation Methods

There are many options when it comes to the task of driving traffic to your site. While many of the strategies involve online methods, there are also some offline effective procedures that will also lead to more hits and thus increase the chances of making a sale... and these are all covered in Online Traffic Generation Methods

PLR Product #19 - The Art of Selling Shovels

Discover The "Who's", "What's", And "How's" Of Successful Online Product Creation & Selling For Big Time Bucks . . . Learn How You Can Make Every Product A Giant Success, Over And Over Again With 5 Secret Profit Pulling Methods!

PLR Product #20 - 83 Money Saving Tips

Discover 89 Quick and Easy Strategies for Saving Money In Today's Economy!

  • What to avoid like the plague when money is tight

  • Why your neighbors could be costing you thousands

  • How to give like Santa at Christmas without spending a fortune!

  • Where to find name brand clothing for pennies on the dollar!

  • And Much More...

PLR Product #21 - Ultra Simple Traffic Generation

Now You Can Learn This Simple Step-By-Step System That Shows You Exactly How To Easily Generate Hoards of Targeted Traffic To Your Website... In ONLY 1 Hour per Day!...

PLR Product #22 - Timeless Sales Strategies

You Are About to Learn All About Ideas That Sales Superstars Used to Become Who They Are Today, and How You Can Copy Their Success!

PLR Product #23 - Advanced SEO Techniques

Discover How You Can Explode Your Traffic & Boost Your Sales With Advanced SEO Techniques That Force Search Engines To Help YOU!

Whether you're happy with your online advertising and web traffic or not, YOU CAN Skyrocket your traffic and multiply your earnings!

PLR Product #24 - Cash Building Strategies

Discover 12 Sure Fire Ways to Generate Cash Online, and What You Need to Do in Order to Take Advantage of Each to the Fullest!

PLR Product #25 - Email Marketing for Newbies

Discover  Secret Email Marketing Methods And Uncover How to Make An Absolute Killing With Email Marketing!

Step-By-Step Methods Teach YOU How To Research Your Target Market, Create Your Product, Build Your Opt-In Lists And Automate Your Selling Process...

PLR Product #26 - The List Building Bible

  • What tools do you need to build your list?

  • Learn all about the different kinds of lists you can build

  • Over 20 ways to help build your opt-in list!

  • What you need to know when writing an email to your list

  • How to avoid being labeled a spammer

  • How to keep a clean list

  • And More!

PLR Product #27 - Secrets of High Profit Websites

  • 7 Potential Income Streams for Your Website

  • How to Find Ready-Made Websites Already Receiving Traffic

  • How You Can Boost Your Sales Potential by Buying Legitimate Website Traffic

  • A Marketing Technique That Will Generate Revenue Without You Lifting a Finger

  • How to Generate Sales or Leads from Safelists or Autosurfs

PLR Product #28 - Raffle Site Script

Here's a Quick Way To Explode the Size of Your Subscriber List Using a Simple Script That Allows You to Run Your Own Raffle Offering as Many Different Prizes as You Want!

PLR Product #29 - Maximum Profit PLR

Warning! You Risk Losing Out On BIG Profits If You’re Not Putting Some Of That PLR Content On Your Hard Drive To Use!

Discover How To Turn Your Unique Private Label Rights Content Into A Cash Machine...

PLR Product #30 - Landing Page Success Guide

How to Craft Your Very Own Lead Sucking Master Piece and Build Your Mail List Faster Than You Would Ever Hope!

PLR Product #31 - Facebooking Craze for Internet Marketers

Why Internet Marketers Should Use FaceBook, How It Can Help Grow Your Business And How To Get 500 Friends In 30 Days!

  • How to Write an Attractive Profile

  • How to Get Targeted Prospects from FaceBook Ads

  • How to Start a Group and do Joint Ventures

  • Mistakes to Avoid When Using FaceBook

PLR Product #32 - Building Your Own Cash Pipeline

Discover The Secret 'Fool-Proof' Strategies Of How To Succeed In Network Marketing And Build Your Own Cash Pipeline!

  • Residual/Recurring Income Explained

  • Network Marketing Reviewed

  • Secrets of the 'Heavy Hitters'

  • About Affiliate Marketing!

PLR Product #33 - Competitor Ninja

Want to Check Out Your Competitors Sites?
Then Send in The NINJA !

The ninja will return with all of your competitors site details . . .

  • The site title

  • Its keywords

  • Its description

  • The text on the page

  • All the links on the selected page

  • All the email addresses on the selected page

PLR Product #34 - The Arbitrage Model

The Secret That The So-Called Gurus Don’t Want You to Know!!

  • What the heck is Arbitrage?

  • How to choose the perfect headline to attract traffic

  • SEO Optimization

  • How to monetize your traffic

  • And More!

PLR Product #35 - Making Sense of Google Adsense

How to Get Started with Google AdSense & Be Making HUGE Cash Profits in No Time at All … & With Very Little Effort!

At Last! How Anyone – Including a Complete Internet Newbie – Can Earn Maximum Profits from Google AdSense is Revealed!

PLR Product #36 - Firesale Essence

How to Start Your Own Online Firesale and Raise Massive Capital in the Fastest Time Possible!

  • What is a firesale?

  • Examples of the most successful firesales

  • How to set up your own firesale - step by step!

  • Ideas on starting up your own firesale in no time!

PLR Product #37 - Color Photo Synergizer

Tired of Those Same Old Color Themes?  This Isn't Anything You've Ever Been Exposed To Before. You're About To Be Handed The Key That Unlocks And Makes It Possible To Extract Colors Schemes From Images...

PLR Product #38 - Blogging For Cash

  • How to create a popular blog

  • Picking the best cash generator for your blog

  • Marketing your own products through your blog

  • How to effectively use Adsense on your blogs

  • And Much More!

PLR Product #39 - Newbies Guide to PLR

Learn The Magic Formula For Making a Fortune, Over and Over Again With Private Label Rights Products, Even if You Have NO Knowledge, NO Skills, and Have NO Idea Where to Start!

PLR Product #40 - Getting Ready for the Right Relationship

  • How to find and attract your one true love

  • Key tips to starting a relationship

  • The right time to say "I Love You:

  • 10 Tips to know if you're ready for a relationship

  • The compatibility factor

  • 15 questions to ask yourself before getting into a long term relationship

PLR Product #41 - Email Marketing 101

Discover How to Develop, Manage & Advertise Your Own Profit-Generating Ezine!

Here’s Your Chance to Establish Yourself as an Expert & Boost Your Business … in No Time at All!

PLR Product #42 - Found Money

101 Ways To Find Needed Cash When You're Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Strapped For Funds, And Don't Know Who To Turn To...

Give me 45 minutes and I'll teach you to change the way you think about and handle money...

PLR Product #43 - Build Me A 50,000 List Fast!

You’re About To Discover 26 Superpower Tactics For Rapid-Fire List Building That Will Blast Your Signups Through The Roof and Fill Your Pockets With CASH !

I'll Show You Step-By-Step How To Build And Profit From Your Own Opt-In List No Matter How Hard You've Tried Before...

PLR Product #44 - Networking & Public Speaking for Internet Marketers

Learn How to Deliver Compelling Presentations and Network Effectively with Success Partners and Potential Customers!

  • How to connect with other Internet Marketers offline

  • Following up with email, chat and phone

  • Tips to overcoming stage fright

  • And More!

PLR Product #45 - Relationship Marketing for Newbies

Highly Controversial Relationship Marketing Secrets That Allow You To Persuade More People To Buy Your Products And Services

It's easy to get people to do exactly what you want them to do as long as you follow a few simple rules . . .

PLR Product #46 - Email Marketing Riches

You're About to Discover the Secrets of Raking In Cold, Hard Cash Hand Over Fist Using Nothing More Than Simple Emails

Email Marketing Riches is your complete guide to profiting with email, and it covers everything from starting your list of targeted subscribers to writing persuasive emails that sell, to the finer points about email delivery methods and tracking. In short, you'll learn everything you need to know to profit with email.

PLR Product #47 - Tips & Tricks for Success for Young Entrepreneurs

  • Create a successful small business marketing plan in 7 easy steps

  • Strategic thinking for young businessmen

  • The main factors of a successful venture

  • Business start up mistakes

  • Entrepreneurship myths

  • Time management tips for business success

  • Getting investment funding for your business

PLR Product #48 - Instant PLR Author

Learn How to Crank Out Hot Selling Private Label Rights Products One After Another in Record Time And Make a Fortune, Even if You Have NO Experience, NO Product Ideas, and NO Tools

11 Simple Steps to Big Profit PLR Products!

PLR Product #49 - Become an Affiliate Marketing Master

You’re About To Discover The Shockingly Simple Formula To Become A Master Affiliate and Racking Up Sales and Profits, Even If You Have No Skills, No Knowledge, and No Experience Whatsoever!

At Last, The Real Secrets To Becoming An Affiliate Marketing Master!

PLR Product #50 - Video Marketing Profits

Now YOU Can Grab Your Share of Internet Profits Using the Most Powerful Secrets of Online Video By Following These 10 Simple Steps!

...Whether you're making money online yet or not, these secrets are guaranteed to boost your earnings!

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